IMR Code of Conducts


SSMS's Institute of Management & Research, Pune

  • Students should wear ID cards in the library.
  • Library book will be issued to the students only against the library cards.
  • Every student will be issued only 2 books at a time for a maximum period of 7 days and as per the due date stamped on a borrowed book. On Expiry of the period, if student fails to return the book (s) will have to pay fine of Rs 1/-per day for a week. The amount of fine can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the director.
  • Library cards are non-transferable, meaning thereby no issue will be made to a student against the library card of any other student.
  • The library is expected to be used only for issuance/ return of the books as well as for study. Any other type of activities including Group discussions etc. will NOT be permitted inside the library premises.
  • All library books must be returned after the course or program is completed and within the due date fixed by the college from time to time. The passing certificates and mark sheets will NOT be given without the clearance and No Dues Certificate from the librarian.
  • Student should familiarize themselves with library timings and rules and regulations displayed on the notice boards from time to time.