Full Time Faculty

Our Full Time Faculty

SSMS's Institute of Management & Research, Pune

Name Of Prof.
Industrial Experience
Teaching Experience
Prof. (Dr.) Tushar V. Dagade Prof. (Dr.) Tushar V. Dagade Director Marketing B.Sc. (Chemistry),
MBA (Mktg), M.Ed.,
Ph.D. (Mgt).
4.7 yrs 13.6 yrs
Prof. (Dr.) Nutan Pasalkar Assistant Professor Finance, International Business B. Pharm., MBA (Finance, International Business),
1 yr 5 yrs
Prof. Rajeshkumar F. Hukre Assistant Professor, CEO IT Systems IT System, B.Sc. (Maths), M.Sc. Pre. (Maths), MCM, MCA, B.Ed. 5 yrs 11 yrs
Prof. Mayuresh Ghare Assistant Professor , TPO Marketing & HR DIE, PGDBM, MMS, PGDHRM, Ph.D. (applied). 0 yrs 8 yrs
Prof. Gazala Nadap Assistant Professor &
HR B.Sc (Chem.), MBA(HR) 2 yrs 7 yrs
Prof. Sunita Kharate Assistant Professor, HOD Marketing, IT SET (Management), MBA, MCA, BA 0 yrs 6.5 yrs
Prof. Santosh Pokale Assistant Professor 0 yrs 1 yr
Prof. Pooja Pardeshi Assistant Professor HR 0 yrs 5 yrs
Prof. Priyanka Bhalshankar Assistant Professor Finance 0 yrs 2 yrs
Prof. Shyamala A. Wagh Assistant Professor Finance ICWA (Inter), MBA (Fin),
B.Sc. (Chem), GDCA
4.5 yrs 0.6 yrs
Prof. Rupali P. Gawande Assistant Professor HR MBA (HR), M. Tech, B. Tech 0 yrs 3 yrs
Ms. Akanksha Vaidya Librarian Library Science M.Sc., M.L.I.Sc., NET, SET 0 yrs 4 yrs