About IQAC

IMR Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

gazala nadap iqac head

Rajesh Hukre CEO

“We are committed to helping our students to become successful with the skills & knowledge necessary to maintain an edge over the competition”.


The Shri Shivaji Maratha Society’s Institute of Management & Research, Pune has established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 16th September 2017. The IQAC being an integral part of the institute works towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement by developing a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in different aspects of functioning of the institute.

The IQAC assures the stakeholders i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, management, funding agencies and society in general – of the accountability and transparency in the quality management system of the institution and its concern for ensuring quality of education being imparted.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is a step towards excellence. The IQAC of IMR, organises various programmes for faculty, administrative staff and quality circle members. It conducts open forum to provide interface between students and officials of the institute. It conducts staff assessment to provide valuable feedback for quality sustenance and improvement in teaching, learning and research experiences in the institute. It documents and reports various activities of the institute for various higher education requirements. A continuous follow up has been made on infrastructural resources of the institute to assure adequate, appropriate and better facilities to assure conducive and enabling environment for teaching, learning and research. Through all these measures IQAC happens to be one of the important components of the institute which ensures quality and continuous improvement in all the units / aspects of the institute.

With Best Wishes

Prof. Gazala Nadap-Khan (IQAC Head)