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Library as a Learning Resource

Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

The Library aims to provide new knowledge through acquisition, organization, and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value-added services. The library is well equipped with contemporary amenities including internet and Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV). It is divided into parts like Stack section, Circulation Section, Digital Library, Language lab, Reading hall with a seating capacity of 60 students is available. We offer open access to the stack room so that readers can choose the book of their area of interest. The library is continuously upgraded by acquiring the books, e-resources, CD's, project reports, newspapers. The library has various sections viz. Stacking area, periodical section, digital library section, processing area, reading hall.

A proper process of enrolling to the library facility exists. List of admitted students is collected from the coordinator then the admitted Students need to fill up the Library enrolling form. Once the form is processed which takes approximately a week, then ID card and library card (borrower’s card) are given to students for the library transactions. The same process is used for staff also. Working hours of the library are 9.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m. excluding holidays. The total area of the library including reading room is 226.14 sq.mtrs including Reading halls Seating Capacity is made for 60 students.

The library has an Open access system and use of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Classification Scheme for the systematic arrangement of the Books. High-speed business broadband Internet connection facility is available in the library.

The library has an Institutional Membership of National Digital Library’ E-journals such as EBSCO, J-Gate, Delnet are subscribed in the last five years as per norms of AICTE. The multimedia facility is available in the library in the form of CDs. NPTEL Video Lectures. Soft and hard copies of previous Question Papers & Syllabus copies are available in the library.


Digital Library : Digital library provides digital resources and users can download from the digital library. Students can use the digital library for their Student Internship Programme, Dissertation preparation. Digital library is also used as a language lab which is useful for enhancing soft skills.

  • Name of the ILMS software: AutoLib Library Management System
  • Nature of automation (fully or partially): Partially
  • Version: New Generation (NG)
  • Year of automation: 2009 upgraded in 2018

We are using Auto Lib library management software since 2009. This ILMS is very user-friendly and it enables efficient library administration to cater to user services. Auto Lib software keeps all the transaction records & generates various reports which are very useful for library administration. Software having different modules such as Master, Member, Acquisition, Circulation, Tools, Search, Reports, Print, System Administration etc.

Miss Akansha D. Vaidya